HavenBourque #Oakland, too. RT @journtoolbox: A good Twitter follow for the #chidata crowd: @Journalism2ls
HavenBourque Hie thee hence! RT @nytdining: You can browse @goodappetite's recipe box on #NYTCooking http://t.co/JiPFtsyXSL #ilovemelissaclark
HavenBourque RT @BBCBreaking: Glasgow votes YES in Scotland's #indyref: Yes 194,779 (53.5%) No 169,347 (46.5%) Turnout 75.0% http://t.co/sIksviDzri
HavenBourque True that, @ninaeats. Much to digest for advocacy world. cc: @socialmedia2day @DrDigiPol


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