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Public Relations for food, environment and community

We are professional communicators who are serious about positive social and environmental change

We work closely with you to develop clear, memorable positioning in context of the audience you want to reach. This makes you stand out from your competitive or collaborative field…

The newest and most important development in media since the internet! Social media is like word of mouth on steroids…

Do you want to deliver a brilliant interview every time you speak your piece, whether you have 5 minutes on the phone with NPR or 9 hours of filming a documentary in the wind and rain?…

We recognize that not everybody can — or wants to – spring for a PR agency. So we’re disrupting the usual PR model, by teaching you how to do what we do…

Our passion is to get the word out about sustainability

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Communications for Food, Environment and Community

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The newest and most important development in media since the internet

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