HavenBourque Riveting -- and heartening: Millennials and the future of food. @EveTurow's new book: http://t.co/ui7xECwpF9 via @CivilEats #youth
HavenBourque Well, @DrJudyStone, that was quite a mouthful, eh?
HavenBourque Yikes. Bad news for low- tropic seafood species lovers intent on responsible seafood consumption. https://t.co/2sd8zx840s
HavenBourque What a harvest! @nmasumoto upholding her family #farming tradition. https://t.co/syas22gfep
HavenBourque RT @SHARKSTEWARDS: Not discrimination, no unfair trade: CA Shark Fin Ban stands in Fed. court. http://t.co/UxbgrfINLH , @earthisland http:/…


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